My favorite views in North America

Adventurers would consider me a homebody. Homebodies would consider me an adventurer. I have been lucky enough to gaze on some beautiful landscapes in North America, mostly during road trips I took with my sister. (I have to add the “North” because there are two pictures of Canada in here, but most were taken in lovely, old America.) Some of my favorite spots:

Starved Rock State Park, Illinois. Not far from the suburbs of Chicago where I live, but another world.

Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island, Canada. New Glasgow is a farming community in the middle of the island, with this river shimmering through it.

Red sandstone shores of northern PEI, near Cavendish

Yellowstone River, Yellowstone Nat'l Park, Wyoming--the most beautiful 3,472 square miles on Earth.

Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone

Somewhere east of Yellowstone and west of the Bighorn Mountains. Land of antelope and wild mustangs.

Near Pine Ridge, South Dakota

San Francisco

Arches National Park, Utah. My sister and I made a last-minute visit during a road trip to California. Turned out to be one of my favorite places in America.

Yosemite National Park, California.

And, finally, what weary traveler wouldn’t love coming home to this sight?

Next up: Road Trip IRELAND, July, 2012. But tell me, what are your favorite spots? I need to start planning for 2013…


23 thoughts on “My favorite views in North America

  1. Beautiful pictures! Your shot on Near Pine Ridge really amazes me of the expanse of that place. Arches National Park also looks wonderful with those odd-looking rocks at the background.

  2. Awesome pics! I have always shied away from National Parks and nature as such…but after seeing these pics, they are a must see in my life. Add them to my “bucket” list. Not sure if you have been to Hawaii…but there are definitely MANY spots of beauty there…especially on Maui and Kauai.

    • I do need to get to Hawaii–I used to stubbornly resist the notion because it seemed too much a tourist spot and I’m more of a mountains/river/lakes girl. Of course, then I saw pictures of Hawaii.

  3. US 41, right outside of Lake Forest, IL…er, maybe you don’t remember much of that stretch for some reason.

  4. I do feel like I may have taken some of these pictures….the better ones of course.
    Let’s go back! I can’t wait to add Ireland to our picture albums!

  5. I’m stopping by from (FL) Girl with a New Life’s mingle! These photos are amazing! I especially love the Mammoth Springs in Yellowstone. They look so magical! Your kids are adorable too!

    Also, I am so jealous you’re going to Ireland! I want to go so badly!

    New follower!
    Anjie @ Of Pandas and Pirates

  6. I love your first two lines: Adventurers would consider me a homebody. Homebodies would consider me an adventurer. And your photos are lovely!

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