Meet: Kreativ Me

I have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award. (That’s “creative” with a K and without an E because we’re, well, you know.)

I was nominated by Eva Rieder–a fellow She-Writer who is a math-turned-English teacher. Eva and I have been commiserating online as we enjoy the crazy and exhilarating and difficult experience of writing our first novels. Hers, Kyresa, is a romantic fantasyAt 111,800 words, it’s twice the size of my itty-bitty novel. You might not find that fascinating. I do.

Thank you, Eva!

I’m new to blogging, so I’m cutting and pasting Eva’s explanation: “The Kreativ Blogger Award has been winding its way around the blogger circuit for a while, as a way for all of us to share our appreciation of one another, as well as to get to know each other a little better. In addition, it’s a fun way for us to promote the great blogs we’re reading to our own followers.”

The rules state that I must thank my nominator (done!) and provide a link to his/her blog (done!), list 7 things that readers might find interesting about me (what?), and nominate 7 other bloggers.

Here goes:

1. If a dish has beans, cheese, and/or guacamole, I will like it. Especially if it’s in Belize. And accompanied by a brownie.

2. I can name the starting infield lineup for the 1984 Cubs.

3. When I was 6 months old, I had bacterial endocarditis and spinal meningitis at the same time and I still have scars on my legs from the daily injections. The hospital staff got to know me (and my parents) very well.

4. My first crush was Ricky Schroeder.

5. If a mouse runs across my floor, I’ll probably shrug and go back to what I was doing. If a centipede crawls across my floor, I’ll probably throw up.

6. My fear of flying started with a college flight so bad that upon landing, the passengers erupted into applause, and culminated two years ago with a terrifying ride above Chicago in a four-seater flown by my husband. He is not a pilot. I’m not convinced the 19-year-old in the passenger seat was, either. I always had the mantra, “Try anything once.” I no longer have that mantra.

7. That said, I once allowed myself to be connected to a cable and plunge 50 feet toward a concrete parking lot. That was fun.

Okay. Following is a list of blogs I read regularly and that I nominate for the Kreativ Blogger Award:

Passionate Moderate — Common-sense views on interesting, relevant topics.

Ooh La La Life — I’m a new reader and can’t remember how I found her, but it was through another blogger’s suggestion. I like her style. She’s definitely a kindred spirit writer.

Mom in the Muddle — There are a lot of mommy blogs out there. This is a good one.

(FL) Girl With a New Life — Just about everything, written with spunk.

BA Expat — His posts on entrepreneurship will appeal to anyone who wants to live a fuller, happier life.–Artsy, quirky, unique, and thoughtful.

She’s Write: An everything-blog, she’s a friend and journalist, and she just won a Lisagor Award! (That’s a Chicago-style journalism Oscar.)

Thanks again, Eva!


17 thoughts on “Meet: Kreativ Me

  1. Congratualations on your award! Just the first of MANY I predict. I like the “rules” of this award–thank your nominator, share 7 things about yourself (I learned 7 new things about you) and nominate others. It seems like a reasonable recipe for life–be grateful and thank others, take time to reflect, share yourself with others and give lots of other people credit and recognition. Yep, a good recipe.

  2. Thank you for honoring Girl with a New Life here. *happy dance*

    If you are interested, I’ve been thinking about doing inspirational posts for aspiring writers and novelists. Pose a topic/question about writing you are interested in and I’ll respond and link back to your blog here. We can include a blurb about your current project if you like.

  3. I’m so delighted! I saw this somewhere else and wondered how I could get involved. And, now I am! I’ll be writing it/you up soooooon. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Hey, thanks a bunch! What a nice thing you said about me! Congrats on your award too. It was fun learning some very interesting things about you. I’m not sure I want to fly after reading number 6. I don’t like it anyway!

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  6. #5 and #6: I burst out laughing. #7: I have done this, off a bridge, in the middle of the night, backwards (aka facing the steadily disappearing moon). Tethered suicide is not my cup of tea. 🙂 Fun facts, Jessica!

    • Thanks, Eva!
      It’s a funny thing–the thought of jumping out of a plane creates instant nausea for me. But falling five stories strapped to a cord was fun. It’s like my brain doesn’t understand that, either way, something goes wrong and I’m toast.

      • I totally get it, but a little different; I can dangle 30 feet in the air wrapped up in my aerial equipment and willingly fall—but jumping from a bridge with a bungee scared the dickens out of me. 🙂 I don’t know about the airplane. Always an intriguing thought for me, though!

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