This week’s roundup…

True stories from this week:

  • I cannot get my son to stop saying, “Poopy butt.”

  • There is a warning label on my jar of peanut butter that reads, “Contains peanuts.” What does this say about us, folks?
  • I finally saw The Hunger Games. I never read the books. The movie was fair. Good acting, cool storyline, blah feeling. I should have been way more invested. I don’t like it when there are holes the size of the one in the sock I’m wearing: the competitors (“tributes”) are warned that most will die of exposure or starvation or something. Not one actually does. Also, in a fight-to-the-death storyline, which is intriguing enough by itself, how annoying is it that those guys in control create dog-beasts to kill off contestants? Just leave well enough alone. (As a writer, I understand how hard that is, though. SO much easier to be a critic.)

And last but not least:

  • I was nominated for two blogging awards. Pretty cool. In addition to the Kreativ Blogger, which I posted about earlier this week, Book Marks nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. To know there are people out there reading my blog who are not my mother and liking it enough to say so publicly makes me very happy. Book Marks, you and Eva Rieder have given me a nice lift as I head to my first writers conference and agent meeting next week…  Thank you, Book Marks!


14 thoughts on “This week’s roundup…

  1. Congratulations yet again on a job well done. The versatility of your blog is just one of it’s strengths… is an enjoyable read that frequently makes one think, at times cry and often laugh….great job

  2. I am sorry for reinforcing and teaching Henry the word Poopy Butt. Is he still doing the poopy butt dance I taught him?

  3. It’s time you just face your awesomeness. 🙂 Also, you should really read The Hunger Games in book format. Such an amazing trilogy…such a let down of a movie. 😦 Beware the peanuts.

    • Aw, thanks. Yes – I was thinking the books must be better than the movie. I’ll add them to my list, but the list is getting out of control and I’m a slow reader. Wish I wasn’t–I’m way less well-read than I should be as a writer.

      • I’m a slow reader too, though just because I don’t have enough time. 😦 I’m sure you’re in the same boat. My reading stack is about a foot and a half high, and two books wide. This doesn’t even include the books I’ll need to read since I’ll be teaching English next year! I’ve committed to at least two straight days in bed reading on my first week of vacation this summer! Let’s see how far that gets me…Good luck on your reading, but I promise, HG is a fast and gripping read. 🙂

  4. Thanks for visiting the blog. I haven’t read The Hunger Games book yet. I’m curious to see the movie though after watching the trailer and listening to the Taylor Swift’s song, Eyes Open. I guess I’ll read the trilogy first and watch the film later. I enjoyed reading your blog. Will definitely visit again.

    • I don’t know if the movie will ruin the books or not–but I say go ahead if you want to see it. Though I think it’s more rental-worthy than 10-bucks-at-the-theater worthy.
      Thanks for coming by!

  5. I guess it’s hard for me to be objective about The Hunger Games movie, since I did read the books and fell in love with them. Yes, there were some holes…but I loved it anyhow. Sorry about the poopy butt, though.

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