Vegas Virgin No Longer

I’d been chided often for never having been to Vegas. I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “Everyone has to go at least once.”

No. They don’t.

But my husband had a business trip, and my friend and her husband were going to be there, so I figured if I’m gonna do it, I might as well do it when I don’t have to pay for a hotel room. I had a great time – but then again, I hardly left the pool. The few times I ventured out, Vegas lived up to my low expectations.

The following things about Vegas were not cool:

  • The amount of casinos.
  • The huge hallways and lobbies that make you feel like you’re in a shopping mall at all times.
  • There are parts of Vegas that don’t make you feel like you’re in a shopping mall, but do you really want to hang out at Chuck E. Cheese?
  • The carpet in the casinos.
  • The Ice Bar. I’m from Chicago. If I wanted to pay $35 to slip on a blue lab coat and drink in the freezing cold with other people who look like lab techs, I’d…. I don’t know. I’d never do it. I’m still not sure why I did it in Vegas.

Those who know me know there aren’t a lot of things I dislike more than gambling, flashing lights accompanied by loud spastic noises, and shopping malls. So, Vegas really never had a chance with me. But there were a few things I liked:

  • I did not come across one person who seemed to hate their job. The staff everywhere we went were simply awesome.
  • The weather. They don’t make clouds in Vegas. Though they do make air that is strikingly similar to a hot iron.
  • The Four Seasons. Complimentary frozen Snickers by the pool? Um, okay I’ll marry you.
  • Todd English P.U.B. Good food and beer. And of course, awesome service.
  • Joe Montana. My friend and I had a movie moment when we ran toward the elevator yelling, “Hold the door!” He did, and when we stepped in, he smiled and made polite conversation. I almost asked for his autograph as he left. I’m glad I didn’t, because I was positive I’d just been chatting with Joe Namath.
  • Dave Chappelle. We ran across him several times in our hotel. I thought he looked too buff to be Dave Chappelle, but when we finally heard him speak to the guy he was with, there was no doubt. I didn’t talk to him, but he’s just cool and he was in Vegas, so…he makes the list.
Joe Montana on the set of an ESPN broadcast.

Joe Montana, not Joe Namath. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


20 thoughts on “Vegas Virgin No Longer

  1. Glad you went! My huge negative is I felt like I could never breathe in our hotel room! I hated how you couldn’t even crack a window….I need fresh air people! This was my one and only panic attack in my life!

  2. I’ve been fighting the push to go there for my first trip. Eventually, the wife and I will certainly go, just to say we did. But I highly doubt I’d ever be a regular, although I would like the chance to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event!

  3. I like to gamble, but I don’t exactly love gambling towns. I’m just a nerd who loves the statistics of games like blackjack and craps! Also, I would have TOTALLY fan-girled on Dave Chappelle. Love that dude.

    • I know! I’m kinda bummed at myself. But he had the air of “Don’t mess with me, I’m incognito” when we first walked past him, so that stuck with me. But I totally should have bum rushed him later at the pool as he sat by himself smoking. Instead I just gawked from afar, which was probably just as annoying for him.

  4. Loved this, Jessica. Vegas is a funny place for me—my parents have lived there since I was 14, and my grandfather and aunt long before that. I have been to Vegas at least twice a year for over two decades (!), but not for the same reasons as everyone else. My dad actually works at Bellagio, and my step-mom at MGM, and when I’m there, we stay as far off the strip as possible. I have met some very interesting people/seen some good shows thanks to their connections…but it is hot, and it is full of people, and unless you’re navigating the secret corridors of the hotel accessible only to staff, it can be a bit of a zoo! Sounds like you had a memorable time, though, and I’m glad you experienced great staff—they’re usually wonderful! Thanks for sharing your trip!

    • Sounds like I should have contacted you before I went! I bet it would be fun to see the other side of Vegas. It’s always interesting to talk to people who live in such tourist-driven places.

      • Very true. They live about 20 minutes off the strip, technically in Henderson, but it’s all pretty much the same. Gambling and smoke everywhere, and a lot of entertainment folk. Definitely let me know next time. 🙂

  5. I’ve never been either and it’s not high on my list of places to go. Actually, it’s not really on my list of places to go. I’m too cheap to gamble!

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