Meet: My Hometown Carnival

Few things make me feel more at home than Frontier Days. I’ve gone every year for as long as I can remember–first as a child for the rides; then as a teen for the boys; then as 20-something for the beer tent and the bands; now as a mother to smile and wave to my children as they turn in circles on little cars and trains.

I love the sun, the smell, the dust, the lights. And I never fail to run into a friendly face. Enjoy some photos from my hometown carnival.

Plus, where but at a carnival can you get “Red Neck Wineglasses”?


5 thoughts on “Meet: My Hometown Carnival

  1. Frontier Days brings back such good memories! My parents would take us every year until I was about 10. I think they still have some of the same rides from the 80s.

    p.s. My future sister in law also makes redneck wine glasses! (They are actually super easy to make)

  2. Such good memories we all have of Frontier Days and the memories go on and on through generations… fun for all!!

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