My sister and I are thrilled to share our Ireland experience with you. Please enjoy photos of the places we visited:


The heart of Navan:

Then it was off to Galway…

…where we ran into Judy and James:

We were able to visit an ancestor’s cemetery plot:


And we were lucky enough to see the inside of an 18th century church our ancestors built:


Clare was one of the most beautiful counties we saw:


After one long day of sightseeing, we grabbed coffee at the local eatery:

In Kilkenny, we stumbled upon a store where we could buy not only wallpaper, but a wedding gift as well:

And, of course, we circled Dublin:

Our photos probably can’t do Ireland justice, but hopefully this final shot taken from our departing plane will encourage you to visit the island yourself:





*Katherine Null contributed to this post.

**Actual photos to come.


9 responses to “Ireland!”

  1. Alex Avatar


  2. Brenda Moguez (@BrendaMoguez) Avatar

    I lived in London, and never made it over. It’s a regret. We’re planning a trip back to London in November and I am desperate to add a couple of days in Dublin. Your pictures just make me want to go all the more. On a side note I want a story where i can by both wallpaper and wedding presents. Great pictures.

    1. True STORIES. Avatar

      Ha, thanks. How long did you live in London? I’ve always wanted to try living overseas.

  3. Regina (R.Y.) Swint Avatar

    Looks like you ladies had a great time. Thanks for sharing some of the photos. 🙂

  4. rebeccaoftomorrow Avatar

    Jealous X 10. I especially love the keyhole pic of the church.

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  6. thatgirlwhoreadsbooks Avatar

    I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland.

    1. Jessica Vealitzek Avatar

      Don’t miss it if you can help it.

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