My Adornables

It’s fun to see who your childhood friends grow up to be, isn’t it? Especially if you haven’t talked to them in awhile. Some surprise you–the overly cheery cheerleader who now kicks tush and takes names as a corporate executive, the aggressive defensive tackle who becomes a stay-at-home dad. My friends–the ones I toddled the neighborhood with, jumped rope with, and traded notes with–have become teachers, designers, therapists, zookeepers, moms, and entrepreneurs.

One entrepreneur is Cheryl and her business is MyAdornables, which creates custom room decor. Now, she isn’t a surprise–she used to doodle on every inch of paper placed in front of her. Just a year or two ago, I found a scrap of paper inside a textbook on which she’d drawn a cartoon image of the earth with a highway strapped across it. The caption, in her perfect writing, read, “Power to the Pavers!” For some reason, the image is just so….professional. It’s like a New Yorker political cartoon. And I remember sitting in study hall and placing it there inside the book because I just couldn’t throw it away.

And while one purpose of writing about her today is that she re-blogged one of my recent posts on her new blog, really I’d just like to cheer her on and drive some traffic her way. She doesn’t need it–she’s been a success for a while. (Ever heard of Momastery? Glennon Melton writes one of the most-read blogs in the world and has a new book out soon. Well, Glennon has one of Cheryl’s signs hanging in her kitchen. I realize I sound geeky-blogger here; just trust me.)

Check out MyAdornables and my post HERE. You can click the Facebook button to get to the shop’s page. While you’re there, start thinking Christmas gifts, newborn gifts, christening gifts, Hanukkah gifts…

2 thoughts on “My Adornables

  1. I am also so proud of Cheryl and impressed with her talents!! She has always been so creative and it’s great seeing that she had been able to find success in life doing what she loves. Not many people can say that.

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