“Illumination” (Also “Vacation” and “Station”)

Morning y’all. I’m seriously flippin’ happy it’s Friday. I shouldn’t say that, because before I know it it will be my FINAL Friday (crossing my heart now) but I am. It’s been a beast of a week–poop-smeared sheets, puddles of milk, and back-arching tantrums (my 2-year-old this time, not me) amid heaps o’ research and writing. And now I’m ending it with an ill-begotten Southern accent. This is what stress (and watching Nashville) does to me.

But today I have a sitter. So I’ll get down to business:

This week (last week?) Eva Rieder nominated me for the Illuminating Blogger Award. She is a prolific writer / reader / teacher who also runs and has time to move into new apartments. Please check out her site HERE.

As these things go, a rule states that I should recommend some other blogs and share a random thing about myself.

This might not come as a surprise, but I love words. Actual words–not their meaning, but the combination of letters. How they sound, how they look. Some of my favorites include strawberry, September (it’s why I didn’t get married in July or March), placate–actually, most -ate words: crepitate, annotate, commiserate. True to my mixed Irish/German heritage, I like a hard sound with some rounded edges. I do not like the word “blog” because it sounds too rounded–downright flabby.

I would love to know your favorite words–seriously, I’m not just saying that. I’m a word nerd. Please placate me in the comments.

I would also love for you to check out these illuminating blogs I read regularly:

Brave Smart Bold

What I Saw

Passionate Pursuits

PDXX Collective

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20 thoughts on ““Illumination” (Also “Vacation” and “Station”)

  1. goiter (don’t know why)
    purple (the P’s followed by the L gets me hot)
    Katie (perfect name)
    Null (second perfect name)

    • Goiter is a HORRIBLE word! I’m with you on “purple” though. And quirky. I’m not a big “L” person, so parallel and jolly leave me “bleh.” Same with “Null.” Katie’s good. Kate’s better. Katherine is good–especially when you add “the Great.”

  2. I like words that are used / spelled incorrectly, or that I’ve just plain made up / jabberwocky. For example, I love (and I know this is one that drives many nuts,) the word irregardless. It’s like a double negative wrapped in an enigma. Another one of my favorite words is: shiznitz and / or fiznitz. They sound so dirty without really meaning too much at all.

  3. I grew up reading the encyclopedia and dictionary so I’m enamored with plenty of words. I love German, French, old English and Gaelic words: mädchen, liebling, dummkopf, imbecile, Aprile, and Siobhan (especially the spelling … so many letters in combinations unlike English). How languages evolved differently is amazing. I like learning the origins of words, English having absorbed Latin, French, German and a smattering of Greek and other languages. It’s hard to be succinct when you have a multitude of choices!

    • My absolute favorite class ever was Early British Literature–there was a whole section on the origin of words and the evolution from Old English to Middle English. I find it absolutely fascinating. I’ve had it on my list of possible subjects to write a post about. I don’t care if we’re the only two who read it!

      • An English teacher of mine in high school read to us in Middle and Old English. I was transfixed. I took linguistics in college; it really came in handy in my writing class. Now when students use words inappropriately I think about lingual drift and sigh. You could write many, many posts about word origins, I’m ready!
        What I miss in English is using the umlaut and other diacritical marks. Are we lazy or what?

        • I do get upset sometimes at misuse, and then it becomes so mainstream that dictionaries adopt it. But we do have to remember it’s almost a living thing–changing and evolving constantly. Especially now. Bittersweet.

  4. Thanks for thinking of my blog. It’s very interesting because this has been a particularly exhausting week, and I haven’t been able to keep up with the blogs in my Reader. So, I decided to click through my favorites. And, here you are.

  5. Honored to be listed on your “illuminating blogs,” Jess. Thank you so much. Word I love: ulotrichous. Just the sound of it reminds me of its “wooly-haired” definition, tumbling and waving and extending.

    And yes, the German ancestry in me veers toward the same sounds that you enjoy rolling over your tongue.

    PS You SHOULD write a blog post about the origin and evolution of words. Being a word nerd, myself, I would find this fabulous.

    • Ulotrichous does sound like its definition (I’d never heard of it). I’ve been steeped in prehistoric names with my 5-year-old so when I read it, I thought it sounded like the name of some ancient animal–a woolly mammoth!

  6. Dearest Jessica, why thank you 100% for this honor. Looks like you posted this when I was off on my blogging break and hiding from the computer, lol. Sorry about those poop-smeared sheets. You poor thing…

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