Moaning Minnie

My husband and I don’t get along with the days after Christmas. Not only are we tired from the revelry and suffering from post-Christmas blues, but something usually goes awry in our home. One year, the water heater broke and flooded our entire carpeted basement, for instance.

Today, our television broke and our washing machine leaked several gallons of water for no apparent reason. We also got word that my husband’s mother has the flu, so they will not be coming tomorrow as planned but will be a day or two late. Since they were coming to sit for our children, we scrambled to patch together a few other sitters.

But did I tell you the washing machine miraculously started working again just fine and my husband already has a new television in place, bought on sale, and–oh by the way–the reason my in-laws are coming to babysit is that my husband and I are going to England and Wales for twelve days?

I’ll shut up now. Happy New Year and I’ll see you in 2013.



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