Celebration of a (Big) Milestone

I won’t bury the lead: my first novel, The Rooms Are Filled, will be published in spring 2014.

I am quite—quite—excited, not least of all because my dream of publishing a book is going to come true. After a lot of hard work, yes, but still—it’s dreamy and I feel lucky.

I signed the contract last Saturday, and I have lots to say about the publishing industry and what I did and how I went about it. I planned to say most of it for this post.

But then I remembered one of the best pieces of advice I’ve read about this whole process: Celebrate every milestone.

Usually, as soon as I reach one milestone, I tend to look toward the next goal (or, in the case of my current To-Do list as far as this book goes, the next 1,000).

This time, because this milestone is one–and a big one–of a series that collectively spell out my L*I*F*E  D*R*E*A*M, I’m going to take that advice and relish a bit longer–and share the news with you all, those who read my writing of their own volition. You are here because you choose to be. Thanks for sticking with me.



36 thoughts on “Celebration of a (Big) Milestone

      • Haha, yeah big things just happen to get to you in small moments like that. I think you deserve it (: I remember the first post I read from you was about your child being too feminine or liking nail polish? I sure hope that’s right, otherwise this could be quite traumatizing for the Duck’s ego..

  1. Jess, so proud of you and was so excited when you told me they accepted your book…..can’t wait to read it.

  2. This is so awesome and so amazing. To think you wrote your first novel in the midst of two little ones and to think your FIRST NOVEL will get published. Awesome, amazing, and inspiring!!

  3. WoooHooo Jess, I cannot imagine your joy and happiness! Thanks for sharing this with us all…and congrats for pausing long enough to celebrate this –as well you should!!!! Can’t wait to see you here in Austin on the book tour :)))).

  4. That’s not very nice to leave the carrot dangling in front of us like that … but I’m looking forward to all the juicy details. Congrats (and I did put my hand up to give you that high five. Did you feel it???)

  5. Jessica! Great news! Congrats, my talented and humble neighbor. Virtual high-five! Talk to you soon… ~Maria

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