5 Movies That Made Me Cry the Ugly Cry

At a family party yesterday, someone brought up movies that make you cry. My cousin threw out the moment Goose dies in Top Gun. My stepdad chimed in with the devastation of Davy Crockett’s death at the Alamo. My aunt muttered, “Old Yeller was so unfair; they shouldn’t do that to little kids.” My sister shook her head and simply said, “Ghost.”

I agree with all of those (especially the latter, which made my list below). The visual moments are frozen in my brain: the gun sliding through the hole of the shed in which Old Yeller stands, barking; the moment Demi Moore looks up as a tear slides down her cheek.

A lot of movies get me teary: Hoosiers, Rudy, Glory, Schindler’s List, The Notebook, In the Bedroom, Brokeback Mountain, Titanic. But here are 5  movie moments that made me cry the ugly cry:


Field of Dreams: Kevin Costner realizes the ballplayer standing in front of him is his own father as a young man, and he asks him, his voice choked with emotion, “Wanna have a catch?”


Bridges of Madison County: Francesca is in the car behind Robert Kincaid, looking at his truck and the left blinker in the rain, her hand on the car door handle, the moment of decision. And she watches the truck pull away, out of her life.


Steel Magnolias: Sally Field at her daughter’s funeral. The whole scene.


Ghost: I saw this twice, at the height of my  early-teen-hormone rages. Each time I had to wait until the theater cleared because there was too much snot and tears on my face for public consumption.


Dances With Wolves: the end of the movie, when the warrior, Wind In His Hair, yells, ” Dances With Wolves! I am Wind In His Hair. Do you see that I am your friend? Can you see that you will always be my friend?”

(Also when Two Socks gets shot. And his horse. That movie killed me.)

I’m sure I’m leaving out some good ones –let me know which movies made you hide in your seat when the lights came on.


34 thoughts on “5 Movies That Made Me Cry the Ugly Cry

  1. Old Yeller and Steel Magnolias for sure. Forrest Gump when Jenny is dying and Forrest learns that he is the father of her son. I remember seeing that in the movie theatre with my HS friends and needing an entire box of tissues.

  2. Beaches, West Side Story, Good Will Hunting and Father of the Bride. I’m sure there are many more. Those are just a few off the top of my head. I totally agree with your list as well!!

  3. The first movie that ever made me cry: Love Story.
    First broadway show that made me cry: Fantasia in The Color Purple. (Luckily, my brother was crying harder and my daughter was laughing at both of us.)
    Don’t even get me going on books that made me cry.
    And what about TV?
    True confession time! Did anyone else cry with Michael Landon almost every week on Little House on the Prairie?

  4. Terms of Endearment & City of Angels make me cry. Course the ending of It’s a Wonderful Life when Clarence gets his wings & jimmy Stewart realizes he’s the richest man in the world makes me cry every year!

  5. Steel Magnolias, yep. Also that opening scene in Saving Private Ryan. I’m not sure I breathed or moved at all during it, but once it was over, just tears. It’s a Wonderful Life when George Bailey runs through the town at the end yelling Merry Christmas and then everyone gives him money. I cry at a lot of things, like that coffee commercial when the brother comes home from the Army or something and gives his sister a Christmas present and she says, “You’re my Christmas present” and puts the bow on him. Kills. Me.

  6. My boyfriend and I just saw The Impossible with Naomi Watts. It’s the true story of a family who survived the tsunami in Thailand. The first scenes where Naomi’s character, Maria, is being pushed by the water and trying to connect to her son and their journey to safe ground – tears, so many tears. I can’t imagine surviving something like that.

  7. I cannot watch Ghost without sobbing my head off over and over again. The ending where he says – “The love. There is so much love” OMGggg. I can’t take it.

    I also SOB like a damn fool over Terms of Endearment, Love Story, The Family Stone, and Long distant phone commercials!

    • I’m not quite where you are yet, but the kinds of movies I can (and want) to see has grown limited. Animals dying or abused=most likely not (can’t even watch the Nat Geo channel anymore). Kids dying or abused=no way.

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