Va – LIT – zik

Not only did my vacation screw with my half-marathon training, but I left my blogging schedule somewhere in Wisconsin. For anyone out there who cares, apologies. I’d like to get back on schedule, though to tell you the truth, it’s hard to make mental space for 1. all the preparation that goes along with publishing, 2. writing a second novel, and 3. finding people to interview for my Monday Morning Meetings. Oh, and 4. my children. Forgot my children (again). I have ideas–there are always stories. It’s just that I have a sort of end-of-summer energy level.

Luckily, BookMarks, a site I enjoy, has provided me with an almost ready-made post. She nominated me for the Liebster blogging award (thanks very much, Karen Mesa!) and that stipulates that I answer some questions and list a few facts about me, which I’ll do here:

1. My last name is pronounced Va-LIT-zik. It’s Czech.

1a. It took me one year to change my name after I married. I didn’t like the thought of taking my husband’s name but my maiden name, Null, was pretty boring. As a lover of words, this was important.

2. I think running full marathons is less than intelligent.

3. My daughter has two middle names after her two maternal great-grandmothers: June and Edith.

4. My son is currently trying to convince me that we should buy a farm.

5. We might buy a farm.


  • Favourite place you’ve visited?  Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland.  Or Belize. Charleston, SC, is good, too. Yellowstone….
  • What’s your dream job? Writer
  • One place in the world you’d love to move to? Maybe Sullivan’s Island, SC. Or somewhere near Yellowstone.
  • Favourite Book? To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Favourite Movie? Bull Durham. Or Fried Green Tomatoes. Or Dances With Wolves.
  • Best Memory? Incredibly hard question. In the children category: hearing my son’s first cry when the doctor pulled him out during an emergency c-section
  • What’s the most delicious thing you can cook? Um…….
  • Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset (mostly because I’ve never seen a sunrise)
  • Something you’ve crossed off your bucket list? Write a novel
  • Favourite Childhood Book/Story? Anne of Green Gables
  • Blog you visit (almost) everyday? Seth Godin or Kristen Lamb or Momastery (My Blogroll, to the right of this post, lists the blogs I read regularly.)

In other news, all’s well that ends well:


Big-Girl Bed


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