Photos from the Book Launch

Though The Rooms Are Filled doesn’t officially come out until April 22, the launch party at Barnes & Noble was Wednesday night. It was absolutely wonderful and I am flushed with happiness from the support of family and friends, and their friends who brought more friends. We sold out!

I’m still a bit speechless, so I have absolutely nothing worth reading to say, but wanted to share with you some of that night. The good photos (you’ll tell) were taken by my high school creative writing teacher, Mr. Bill Leece, who also introduced me. He had people in tears, they were so moved by his words, as was I. I’m thinking of hiring him to follow me on the road for every reading.




Walking in, quite nervous, and my sister makes me take a picture. (I'm glad she did.)

Walking in, quite nervous, and my sister makes me take a picture. (I’m glad she did.)


This photo doesn't prove it, but I'm told I seemed comfortable

This photo doesn’t prove it, but I’m told I seemed comfortable


DSC_8209 DSC_8285




My sister, Katie, sat next to me and offered support



With Mr. Leece

With my high school creative writing teacher, Mr. Bill Leece



The after party with friends and family.


33 thoughts on “Photos from the Book Launch

  1. Jess, that close up of you signing the book and the one of you and your sister made me cry! Beautiful. SO so so proud of you and feel honored to have been a part of your day. I wish I could have stayed for the after party!! Can’t wait to give you a big hug next time I see you. CONGRATS!

  2. Congratulations on the launch and signing for your debut!
    (How did you get in to B&N? That’s awesome!)
    I’m looking forward to reading your book!

  3. I’m SO glad you shared these! I especially love that your teacher came. How wonderful for both of you! Congrats on all the excitement. I have the book on my nightstand and look forward to reading it!

  4. Congratulations Jessica! So sorry I had to miss your incredible day! From what I heard and from these pictures sounds like it was an unforgettable event! So happy for you! Best of luck with sales and future projects!

  5. Congratulations, Jessica!! I have been mentally composing an e-mail to you for the past couple of weeks, but just wanted to stop by and say how happy I am for you, how much I love your blog and cannot wait to read The Rooms Are Filled!
    Best wishes and all hopes for continued success!

  6. I would be the same way, totally nervous, and someone else (my husband perhaps) would suggest a picture. I’d want to balk, but do it just to appease them, and then LATER I’d think that was a good idea. Looking at these pics – now I want a sister to sit with me and support me. Will you loan her out? 🙂
    Personally, I’m hoping you’ll write a more detailed blog post about your night when you catch your breath. Like what did you say when you were standing there looking comfortable and yet not feeling it? How did your sister support you? Did she get people’s names beforehand and write them down and pass it to you? Were there snacks served? What kind of pens did you use to sign? And what did you sign? Just your name? Or did you have 5 things you’d come up with to sign and you just alternated between them? Did you ask your teacher to introduce you? Or did he volunteer? Did B&N do your signage? Do you get to keep it?

    Is it weird that I have so many questions? I’m trying to save your book to read while we’re on vacation in a couple weeks, but it’s hard not starting it now! Congrats!

  7. What a wonderful night for you. I am so proud of you and look forward to the next one! No pressure here!

  8. Wow and look at that queue!
    Congratulations, such an amazing achievement, what a fabulous, memorable evening and you look radiant!
    Can’t wait to read it. Absolutley enjoy these moments and take lots of pics!

  9. Oh, Jess! This is so exciting. I really wish I could have made the April trip to Chicago work (May is iffy, too… Boo). It looks like you had a great time. Look at those lines of people waiting for YOU to sign THEIR copies of YOUR book! Sold out! Your creative writing teacher! I love it. Your book is preordered. So looking forward to reading!

    • Thanks, Melissa. Yes – I felt truly lucky (I wish there was a stronger word) to have such wonderful support, and to even have the chance to have something like a book launch. How many people get to have a party for their work??

  10. This is so wonderful. I have no words either. I just remember sitting across from you at that scary table at Backspace two years ago and hearing your beautiful opening to your novel being read, and then the journey it took to get here. I have goosebumps, tears. I am so happy for you, Jess! Congratulations! Time to celebrate you!
    PS. I finished reading it this weekend and LOVED it (of course)!

  11. Hi Jessica, We apparently graduated from the same alma mater as Mr. Leece was my creative writing teacher as well and the reason I discovered your blog (via a Facebook status of his). My favorite teacher from RMS- I don’t think he truly understands the impact he had on so many of us. Just wanted to let you know that a fellow Mustang is cheering for you from afar- congratulations on your accomplishment- I look forward to reading your words!

  12. Jessica, these are fabulous photos. You look so happy, not at all nervous!
    I’m so sorry I am just now seeing this post. I don’t think I checked a single email or read a blog post while visiting my granddaughter for her baptism and her first Easter.
    I am so happy for you! To have your sister by your side lending her support is such a wonderful tribute to you. Congratulations, you are a published author!!

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