10 Things I’m Learning About Selling a House

It’s spring and that means three things: spring is in the air, days are longer, and houses are popping up for sale all over the place. My house is one of them and I’ve discovered a few things that might help you if you’re about to be in the same boat:

  1. You don’t need a huge “For Sale” sign in your front yard.
  2. Your son might, for the first time in his seven years of living, start peeling the dining room wallpaper on the morning your house goes on the market. This won’t be the worst thing that happens.
  3. Keeping mirrors spotless will become an obsession. Stop rinsing and spitting like an imbecile!
  4. You won’t remember what you boxed up and stored away and you should just donate it all. Except for family photos, maybe.
  5. Having friends or family nearby where you can store your children for a while will save your sanity.
  6. When that same family will not, under any circumstances, take care of your cat, chill out. No buyer cares if you have a cat. Unless, of course, he’s a giant hairball. (The cat.) In which case, accidentally let him outside before showings.
  7. Yes, you really do think your house is worth more than it is worth.
  8. On the one weekend morning in six weeks that you decide to just let your kids play and make a mess, someone will call and request a showing in one hour.
  9. You’ll fall in love with your house again; it’s never looked better. You might even get annoyed when someone wants to buy it.

And finally:

  1. Negotiating with a buyer (or seller) is like a mini-war that reaffirms the truth that women should rule the world. The following is part of a conversation that recently took place in my house:

Me: “Well, I do see both sides.”

My husband: “Stop doing that.”


14 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Learning About Selling a House

  1. We’ve done this three times and you’ve reminded me why I don’t want to sell our current house (but I know we will be doing it sometime in the not too distant future). Also, interestingly, I’d be more like your husband, my husband more like you — in that conversation/mini-war!

  2. Everything you said takes me back to each of the times we’ve sold our home. The first time, I was about 9 months pregnant with our third child (a ten pounder on my petite frame) when my husband got the bug to buy a larger house. I looked at him like he had two heads on his shoulders and neither one had a clue.

  3. I do not envy you! I’ve only sold one and it was before I had children so I can’t imagine all of the extra work it must be with two kids! Fingers crossed it all works out!!

  4. You’ve brought back the memories of how stressful home selling/moving can be! Of course, we began trying to sell ours right when the market crashed. One full year of worry, perfect vacuum lines (vacuumed my way out of the house each time to have perfect marks). I had become INSANE!

  5. Is that what it takes to become a neat freak? Oof. I would be screwed if I tried to sell my house. I would have to ship my children to another state to keep the house clean. But you did it!! SOLD!

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