Hello, I’m Jessica

I thought I’d re-introduce myself, it’s been so long.

There’s lots to write about–and I did write about it over the summer, then my computer promptly lost the draft. I’ve been so busy chopping buckthorn, destroying wasp nests, and getting the algae out of our pool–plus taking notes on a new novel–that I haven’t been able to try to rewrite it. But I will.

For today, though, a bit about what I’ve been reading lately. Namely, Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee, my literary hero. She got taken down a notch, in my opinion, but I’m thrilled.

Read it HERE.

Thanks – be back soon.



6 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Jessica

  1. Hi Jessica; good to hear from you again. I thought that it was a problem with my ‘puter….Many blessings, continue fighting the good fight.
    One Love.\

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