Monday Morning Meeting

MMMs are dependable story time. Every–okay, most–Monday mornings when you sit at your desktop or laptop or phone or iPad or Kindle or Nook and power up, you’ll find a new True Story. You’ll “meet” someone or something. You might learn something; you might learn nothing. But at least you won’t have been in an actual Monday morning meeting.

I’ll write other days, too, probably Thursday or Friday. But Monday will be date morning.

I like the idea of coming together to learn and talk. About anything. As a child, my second-favorite day of the year was the first day of school. (My first favorite was the July morning my family left every year for a resort in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. But even that six-hour car ride was a meeting.)

In my Big Ideas brain, one true story at a time we can move closer to some sort of sync. Not just tolerance, but sync. Through stories, we learn from each other, increase our awareness, and, I hope, our empathy.

In my This Is Just Freakin’ Fun brain, this is just freakin’ fun. I like to write, so I write. Some Mondays, you might meet a girl who had an abortion. Other Mondays, you’ll just meet a bag.

Plus, I’m pretty Type-A, so organization is cool.

Thanks for reading.

9 thoughts on “M.M.M.

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  2. Jessica, I consider myself blessed to have found your little blog/page/insights. Your ruminations are spot-on, you seem to be a really fun yet introspective and sensitive person, and I really respect that you respond to each reply that is posted. As someone who has had many life experiences, and have lived more years than I have left, I find myself gravitating to not always trying to please others, but living and doing things that I want for myself as well. One of your respondents of late said: “I see no point in living someone else’s version of what MY life should be.” While we need to be sensitive to others, I really like his thought, and plan on incorporating it into my remaining life-plan.

    On another note, your thoughts balancing loss (moving the crib) and gain (the new experiences you will have with your child) touched me; may the melancholy be tempered with joy and pride for your young one.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and life. Thanks for sharing yours with us.


    • I’m glad you found it, too — and thank you, very much, for leaving such a kind and thoughtful note. I’ll be glad to have you here. By the way, you are my 300th follower–thanks for helping me reach a milestone.

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