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To learn more about my books, including my debut novel, The Rooms Are Filled, please visit my author site, Jessica Null Vealitzek.

RoomsAreFillednewIn 1983, two lost souls come together by circumstance: a Minnesota farm boy transplanted to suburban Chicago after his father dies, and his teacher, a closeted young woman starting over after a failed attempt to live openly.

The Rooms Are Filled is the timeless story of learning to live in one’s own life, of changing to become who we are.

It will be published by She Writes Press in April, 2014.

11 thoughts on “Author Site

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  5. Love the softness of the cover. It quietly draws me in. I can see it clearly on a book store display. It’s really well done. I especially like the placement of the author’s name. Great job! 🙂

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    • Thank you! I agree–covers are important and I always judge (I’ll keep that old adage in regards to people, though). It takes a really appealing premise to overcome a cover I don’t like (if I even pick it up).

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