Happy Anniversary

Today is our two-month anniversary. I know it’s still early in the relationship, but it’s in the honeymoon phase that most relationships celebrate unremarkable milestones.

I write and you read. This is why I love you.

You have been the ultimate diversion from the loneliness of writing a novel. Blogging offers instant gratification—I can check my stats page and see how many of you are viewing each post. I can see what country you live in. I can read your comments. It’s still early in our relationship, so I check these stats with an obsession not unlike most new loves.

I realize that you, my other half, have no way of knowing how we are doing. Since we’re in this together, I want to share with you our progress so far. Progress toward what? Who knows. Absolute domination of the blogosphere—maybe. Just some more stories, mine and yours—a bit more likely.

Are my stats good? I have no idea, as I’m in my own little world with you. But let me tell you—I am tickled pink by each and every number. By each of you.

Maybe we’ll grow old and gray together. Or, one of us might lose interest. It happens.

Either way, happy anniversary, dears.

Total posts: 20

Average hits on each new post: I didn’t actually do the math, but I usually get anywhere from 70 to 140 hits on the days I publish a new post, and 20-50 hits on the days in between.

Views all-time: 3,604

Top three posts:

  1. Race—Or, How to Ask Ignorant Questions of a Black Person (242 hits, not counting those who viewed it just from the Homepage without clicking on its own individual link; the Homepage has been viewed 1,492 times.)
  2. One Abortion Story (149 + Homepage views)
  3. A Note of Thanks (132 + Homepage views)

Countries we’ve been read in: United States, India, Canada, Norway, Australia, France, U.K., Lebanon, Italy, Iceland, Chile, Philippines, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Germany, Turkey

Subscribers: 40 (OK, I might have 40 favorites in this relationship…you know who you are.)

Thanks for reading. Cheers to us.

12 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary – love reading your posts about real stories that many can relate to. Love your writing style!

  2. Happy anniversary to you, dear! And to your wonderful blog. You do all the work and take all the risk. We just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, so to speak. Your blog entries are always a ray of sunshine in my day, just as you are a ray of sunshine in my life. Sorry, but love and anniversaries make me sappy. CONGRATULATIONS on a very special anniversary of a very special reading experience.

  3. Do you get a record that I have opened a story just by opening it and reading it or do I need to respond in some way. All too confusing.

  4. Congrats, Jess! I read these and I love your posts, and I will be better at telling you that now that I know how much you love looking at the stats! Anyway, good for you for putting your creativity out there – you’re talented and should be known the world over!

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